sforzando Piano Libraries

No Kontakt? No Problem!

Production Voices’ piano sample libraries in the FREE Plogue sforzando format are a great way to enjoy exceptional multi-microphone piano sample libraries without the added expense of Native Instruments’ Kontakt software. In fact, in blind tests sforzando actually sounds slightly better than Kontakt as the audio engine does a better job of mixing the samples, in our opinion. There is a bit of a trade off with the FREE sforzando. While it is FREE, it does require longer load times than Kontakt and it does put more strain on your computer than Kontakt. Also, currently only Estate Grand has a graphic user interface with sforzando. BUT… if you don’t mind the simple interface and a little bit of load time (which is still way shorter than hardware sampler load times of yesteryear) then Production Voices’ sforzando piano libraries may just be for you.

Production Voices sforzando formatted libraries are excellent for students, performers, composers, songwriters, teachers and any piano player who doesn’t own Kontakt and wants to experience high-quality virtual pianos.

If you own Kontakt, many Production Voices’ Piano Sample Libraries are available for Kontakt. Our piano sample libraries perform best with and contain the most features in the Kontakt format. You can check out our available libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt at our Kontakt Piano Libraries page.

Production Voices sforzando Piano Sample Libraries: