Concert Grand Compact

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Concert Grand Compact is a high-quality piano sample library for the FREE Plogue sforzando sampled from a Steinway D concert grand piano in a world-class recording studio. Concert Grand Compact contains samples from the larger Concert Grand (soon to be released) without the need for the Kontakt sampler.

Concert Grand Compact takes arguably the best single microphone perspective from Concert Grand, our 1.3 TB Steinway D piano library, and places it in the Plogue sforzando player for a highly compact, fast loading amazing sounding virtual instrument piano that is easy to use and inspiring to play!

Concert Grand Compact is ideal for Album Production, Live Stage Production, Film Score Production, Performance and more!

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9′ Concert Grand Piano in your computer!

Over 10 GB*

Format: FREE Plogue sforzando!

Delivered Immediately by Download

Concert Grand Compact Features:

  • Recorded with Neumann “Golden” M149 tube mics just outside the piano lid
  • 24 bit 96k source samples reduced to 16 bit 44.1k using Goodhertz conversion
  • Round-robin pedal noise samples with normal and loud settings
  • Sampled key up mechanical noises from the actual keyboard action
  • Sympathetic Resonance with on/off and volume controls
  • Sostenuto pedaling
  • Recorded at world-Class Toronto studio through classic Neve console
  • Burl Mothership boutique-quality A/D converters used
  • Premium API microphone preamps used
  • 12 – 15* velocities pedal up (selected from over 20 sampled velocities)
  • 12 – 14* velocities pedal down (selected from over 20 sampled velocities)
  • 8* velocities release samples (selected from 16 sampled velocities)
  • Ultrafast loading
  • Extremely memory efficient thanks to lossless FLAC compression



Digital download delivery: Immediately after purchase, download links are provided.

The files can be expanded using any ZIP utility. Mac users can simply double click the downloaded file.

Warning: Concert Grand Compact is not without mechanical noises from the hammer mechanism! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! If you want a piano sample library that is devoid of piano noises, you should look somewhere else. If you are looking for a warm yet articulate concert grand piano, this library delivers.

System Requirements:

Requires 64 bit version of Plogue sforzando available HERE for free.
Mac OSX 10.7 or greater or PC with a 64 bit version of Windows
2 GB of free hard drive space. 8 GB RAM. Fast 7200 RPM hard drive or a solid state drive.

Solid State Drive or 7200rpm Hard Drive recommended for best performance.

*Note about file size: Concert Grand Compact samples are provided in FLAC format. FLAC is a loss-less file format meaning that it will sound exactly like the uncompressed WAV source files from the sampling session but take up less than half the disk space with no audio quality degradation. Concert Grand Compact source sample size before compression is over 10 GB! The digital delivery size is just about 3 GB with no loss in quality. * Individual note velocities per note may vary slightly.

Concert Grand Compact User Manual:

Concert Grand Compact SFZ User Manual

Upgradeable to the full version of Concert Grand:

Concert Grand Compact is upgradable to the full version of Concert Grand (when available), should you purchase Native Instruments Kontakt at a later time. If you are a Concert Grand Compact registered user wishing to upgrade to the full Concert Grand (not yet available), please contact support and request the upgrade.

Concert Grand Compact was sampled from a New York built Steinway D with a model number starting with 589 ***, making it built after 2010.

Disclamer: Production Voices is in no way associated nor endorsed by Steinway, Native Instruments, Plogue, Yamaha or any other company, product or trademark mentioned.