FAQ General

1. What are the latest versions of the sample libraries?

Production Grand Version 1 – 1.1.16. Updates available by requested from registered users.

Production Grand Version 2 – Uses exact same samples as Production Grand Version 1. It is the interface and features that are updated.

Production Grand 2 update from Version 1 is available here: Production Grand 2 Update

Production Grand Compact for sforzando – v1.2.1

Concert Grand – 1.0

Concert Grand Compact for sforzando – v1.4 – Fixes polyphony to reduce system load.

Concert Grand Compact Version 1.1 Notes – Updates with sample start times optimized to match Kontakt version.
This update will remove latency on some samples with inaccurate start times and increase overall playability.
This update is recommended for all Concert Grand Compact Version 1.0 users. If you ordered after February 22, 2019, you do not need to update. Concert Grand Compact Version 1.1 Update

Death Piano – Version 1.0 (Kontakt Folder Shows ”Death Piano Library 2” folder correctly)

Death Piano for sforzando – v1.1 – Fixes Interface on Windows.

Estate Grand – Kontakt Version – 1.2.1

Estate Grand for sforzando – v.1.01

Electric V – v.1.00

Studio Grand Piano LE – Kontakt Version 1, users should also have Studio Grand Piano LE Pedal Noises 7RR.nki. Email support for the pedal noises if you do not have them.

The Halfling for sforzando – v.1.0 

2. Why are Concert Grand & Production Grand 2 so big?
Concert Grand & Production Grand 2 are so large because they have 9 & 8 microphone perspectives respectively and three different sample rates.

The average user may want to have a smaller piano library. Production Voices has plenty of options if you need a smaller piano library including Estate Grand, Studio Grand Piano LE, Production Grand Compact and Concert Grand Compact.

3. Why are other manufacturer’s piano sample libraries smaller than Production Grand 2?
They may be using modelling technology, lossy compression on their samples or other audio tricks to reduce the file size.

Think of samples like car horsepower: There is no replacement for displacement. All things being equal (and they almost never are), larger libraries will capture more of the sound and nuances of an instrument.

4. Can I get a discount?
Students and Faculty with valid ID can receive up to 50% off! Check out the Educational Discounts link in the Support menu for details.

Other than educational discounts, our only other discounts are from periodic sales. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed of sales. Please do not ask to be a sponsored artist or for a free version for educational research etc.

Educational institutions can contact us for rates.

FAQ Purchasing & Installation

1. Do I need a PayPal Account?
No! Our payment system is through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to purchase, just enter your credit card information.
2. Do you ship to my country?
Yes! We will ship any product on hard drive (optional on Production Grand 2 and Concert Grand), once payment has cleared, to any country that a courier can deliver.
3. Duties, Taxes and Customs
Products shipped by hard drive may be subject to duties and customs. You may be responsible for taxes as well.

For digital downloadable products, only Canadian residents are charged tax at check out.

4. Production Grand 2 Shipping

Production Grand 2 (full edition on hard drive) comes both with a courtesy download and a USB 3.0 hard drive. Our regular shipping is $18 and is NOT trackable. But how can this be in the 21st Century; isn’t every package trackable? Well, we use Canada Post Small Packet Air for regular shipping.

We highly recommend upgrading to a faster trackable method of shipping for Production Grand 2.

Shipping can take a few days to over 10 business days depending on your method of shipping and the country that you live in.

5. How do I install the downloadable products?
All Production Voices’ downloadable sample libraries, except Concert Grand, are delivered in multiple ZIP files.

Larger Piano Sample Libraries, such as Production Grand 2, have a custom download manager that, once installed, will download and install the library for you. Email instructions will have links to the installer and notes on how to get started.

Smaller virtual piano products, such as Death Piano and Estate Grand, are delivered as ZIP files.

To install the ZIP files for Kontakt libraries:

1. Simply download the files (Three or less files at a time if there are multiple download files)
2. Unzip the files. Mac users can double-click the files to extract. PC users may require a ZIP utility program.
3. Most products have the first file as a folder that contains a samples folder and your instrument files. The remaining download files are samples. Place these sample folders within the first folder or create a new parent folder and put all the folders in it.
4. If using a Kontakt version, launch the sampled piano by dragging the .nki file into Kontakt.
5. The first time you launch a Production Voices’ sample library in Kontakt, Kontakt will ask you where the files are. Simply choose ”Browse for Folder” and select the parent folder where the samples are. Kontakt will find the samples and load the instrument.
6. To avoid having Kontakt search for the samples every time you load, save the preset using ”File/Save” at the top menu of Kontakt. Choose just ”preset” and overwrite your preset.
7. To resave all presets to stop Kontakt from searching for missing files, choose ”Batch re-save” from Kontakt’s file menu and choose the parent library folder and click Open. This may take a while for Death Piano.
8. Enjoy!

To install sforzando libraries:
1. Simply download the files (Three or less files at a time if there are multiple download files)
2. Unzip the files. Mac users can double-click the files to extract. PC users may require a ZIP utility program.
3. Download sforzando from plogue.com
4. Follow the email instructions to either load the .sfz file or drag the bank file into sforzando to register your product if has graphics for sforzando

To instal SFZ Piano Bundle:



6. Why does Kontakt ask for the samples every time I load a sample library?
Kontakt doesn’t know where the samples are until you save over your preset.

To avoid having Kontakt search for the samples every you load, save the preset using ”File/Save” at the top menu of Kontakt. Choose just ”preset” and overwrite your preset.

To make all presets work without searching for the samples, simply choose ”Batch re-save” from Kontakt’s file menu and select the library folder that you wish to relink the samples for.

This short video shows how to do a Batch re-save:

7. Why are my Production Voices’ piano sample libraries not showing up in Kontakt’s library list?
Native Instruments allows developers to develop for Kontakt without a license, but to license Kontakt and have a library show up in Kontakt’s Library list requires licensing and a lot of money! Most 3rd party sample libraries for Kontakt share the same fate of needing Kontakt, but not showing up in the Library.
8. How does purchasing work?
Once you check out and pay with Paypal, an email receipt will be issued with your download codes.

The downloads could either be ZIP or our custom downloader for larger libraries.
Within a few minutes of purchase, (but it in rare cases it may take up to 24 hours), you will receive email instructions with your registered (personalized and serialized) download links.

If you ordered Production Grand 2 or Concert Grand on hard drive, your hard drive will ship the next business day depending on availability.

9. Death Piano: How do I load and get all the Death Piano Presets to work?
This video shows how to get all the presets working properly for Death Piano:

FAQ Production Grand 2

1. Do I really need 8 microphone perspectives?
Good Question!

The easiest answer is flexibility.

Microphone perspectives are like lenses on a camera. More is not better, just more flexible.

With eight microphone perspectives you can dial in the perfect piano tone for your use.

If, for example, you are playing a hard rock or pop song, the hammer mics will give you great attack and presence.

If you are playing Jazz, the tube microphones or ribbon room mics on their own or combined might just be the perfect sound for your project!

For those creative players, sound designers and engineers, Production Grand 2 can morph tones in realtime depending on the microphone perspective volume levels. You could change the sound in the chorus to have more attack by increasing the hammer microphone volume! There are plenty of creative options with Production Grand!

2. Can I use Production Grand 2 on a Laptop?
Yes! All versions of Production Grand will function on modern laptops with i5 and i7 or better processors and 8 GB of RAM or better.

The speed of your hard drive and your RAM size are the biggest factors. Solid State Drives (SSD) out perform other drives.

3. Production Grand 2 System Requirements
Requires the full version of NI Kontakt 5.6.8 or greater (not included).
A computer that meets the minimum Kontakt requirements.

Production Grand 2:
80 GB of free hard drive space for minimum installation.
210 GB for full install. (Note: files are compressed from 437.5 GB using Kontakt’s lossless compression format.)

Production Grand 2 Gold:
60 GB free hard drive space.

Production Grand 2 LE:
26 GB free hard drive space.

Solid State Drive or Raid Drive recommended for more than 2 microphone perspectives at one time.

Note: Compatible with the full version of Kontakt. Not for use with Kontakt Player.

4. What is the difference between Production Grand 2, Gold and LE

All versions of Production Grand 2 function identically (interface and controls).

The two main differences are:
1. Delivery format: Hard Drive or Download
2. Sample and Bit Rate

Production Grand 2 contains all sample rate options: 24 bit 44.1 kHz, 24 bit 96 kHz and 16 bit 44.1 kHz. Production Grand 2 is available as a download or delivered on USB 3.0 hard drive with a courtesy download of the Modern Silver Edition to get users started before the hard drive arrives.

Production Grand 2 Gold has 24 bit 44.1 kHz samples delivered by download.

Production Grand 2 LE has 16 bit 44.1 kHz samples delivered by download.

5. Why is Production Grand 2 priced higher than Brand X sample library?
We believe Production Grand 2 to be one of the best values in piano sample libraries on the market!

Production Grand 2 is a premium piano sample library.

Where else will you find an 8 microphone perspective 96 kHz piano sample library that was recorded in a world-class facility with top-notch microphones and preamps!

Production Voices 2 also has other multi-microphone piano sample libraries for Kontakt at other price points including versions of Production Grand 2 starting from $99.

6. Can I use Production Grand 2 with a Laptop for live performance?

Production Grand 2 LE is the best version of Production Grand 2 to use live with a laptop, but Production Grand 2and Production Grand 2 Gold will work if you only want one microphone perspective or have a solid state drive installed or plugged into your laptop with either a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt connection.

Production Grand 2 is also very scalable from 13GB or less to 207 GB depending on the installation. If you use only one microphone perspective, like the Modern Hammer, then it can be installed on your laptop saving plenty of space! (Full version of Production Grand 2 only. Email support for details.)

7. What is the latest version of Production Grand 2?
Production Grand Version 2 – Uses exact same samples as Production Grand Version 1. It is the interface and features that are updated.

Production Grand 2 update from Version 1 is available here: Production Grand 2 Update

The latest version of Production Grand Version 1 is v.1.1.16. All registered users can obtain the latest presets by using the contact form to request a download link.

Production Grand Version 1 Version History:

Version 1.1.16
– Ribbon mic panning 37L and release volume reduction (user request)

Version 1.1.15 Low Velocity Mechanical Noise workaround (Available by request)
March 9, 2014: These presets reduce the amount of mechanical noise on pedal down samples from F5 and above at the four lowest velocities. These samples where replaced with pedal up samples.

These presets were made at the request of users!

These presets are all generated from the v1_1_14 presets.

When to use these presets:

Use the v1_1_15 presets if you find the version 1_1_14 or other regular version of Production Grand presets to have too much mechanical noise in the high end pedal down samples at lower velocities (F5 and above with the sustain pedal down). The tradeoff is that the lowest four velocities are replaced with pedal up samples even when the pedal is down.

Version 1.1.14
– Vintage PZM noise fix.

Version 1.1.13
– Pre-Attack now buffered to respond correctly, but is no longer playable live (180ms latency).
– Sostenuto Added
– Soft Pedal Added
– Velocity mapping corrected.
– Switch added to fix C#4 mechanical noise.
– “Double triggered” notes A5, A#5 and B5 with pedal down samples tamed (additional updates required for complete fix).
– Authentic Pedalling adjusted to respond to all playing styles more evenly. Controls are listed in the manual.
– Keyup mechanical noises volumes adjusted resulting in more authentic sound.
– Pedal noises volumes adjusted over each microphone perspective.
– Velocity mapping curves updated and respond correctly (Inverse in version 1.0).

8. Isn’t 437.5 GB excessive for a Piano Sample Library?
Keep in mind that the actual install size for the full library with Kontakt’s lossless compression is 207 GB.

Other versions of Production Grand 2 go down in size from there.

Production Grand 2 LE is a very manageable 26 GB for the 16 bit 44.1kHz samples.

Generally, the more samples, the more accurate the instrument, the larger the instrument.

9. Why would I need 96 kHz samples?
We have done extensive testing that reveals that even on systems running at 24 bit 44.1 kHz, Production Grand Platinum at 96 kHz sounds amazing and noticeably better than the 44.1 kHz version! It is a High Definition HD recording of a piano!
10. How does Production Grand 2 compare to modelled pianos?
Production Grand 2 sounds like an extremely well recorded studio grand piano.

Some modelled pianos are nice and have a very small footprint, but some users find the sound to be a little sterile. This is a matter of taste and context. Both samples and modelling have their strengths and weaknesses. Sampling is like a high megapixel digital picture of an instrument. Modelling is a computer rendering based on algorithms. Think of Hollywood effects for movies. It is expensive and time consuming to create real explosion effects and to create elaborate battle scenes. Computer models can simulate these, yet the real thing done right looks right.

Downloads & Product Manuals

Production Grand 2 User Manual PDF Covers Production Grand 2 Full, Gold and LE versions.

Concert Grand User Manual PDF Covers Concert Grand Full, Gold and LE versions.

Production Grand Compact for sforzando User Manual PDF

Estate Grand User Manual PDF

Estate Grand for sforzando User Manual PDF

Concert Grand Compact for sforzando User Manual PDF

Death Piano for sforzando User Manual PDF

Production Grand Compact for sforzando 1.01 Update: This update improves polyphony and fixes sympathetic resonance held notes. This update is only necessary for those who purchased Production Grand Compact before March 26th, 2018.

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