Privacy Policy

Production Voices Privacy Policy
At Production Voices, we make it our upmost priority to ensure that the information that you voluntarily provide us, through purchases or otherwise, is kept safe and private.
Our transactions are handled by PayPal and as such we do not collect any credit card or financial information from users.
Production Voices only collects information that you voluntarily provide to us such as email addresses, telephone numbers and other contact information.
We do keep a record of which products you have purchased for support reasons and to provide you with updates and other promotions. We may collect information from contests and surveys. This information is used by Production Voices to help us understand our customer base. If you have elected to receive promotional or relevant product information from Production Voices, we will use the contact information that you have provided us to do so. If you wish to be removed from our email contact list, you can simple unsubscribe by replying “Unsubscribe” in the subject heading.
Production Voices will never share, sell, rent or lease your information to another party.
We respect your privacy.

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