Electric V LE

Suggested Price: $5.00

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Electric V LE for sforzando is a virtual electric piano sampled from an iconic tine electric piano introduced in 1984 in its fifth revision. Electric V LE is the “Lite Edition” of the much larger Electric V for sforzando.

Pure and simple was the goal. We sampled the instrument straight out of the output for a clean sound that translates well in a mix or on stage.

Sampled with a combination of 8 machine precision samples and an additional 4 top layer hand samples for 12 velocities per note, this library aims to capture this one instrument at this one moment in time with all of its imperfections and nuances that modelled electric pianos have difficulty recreating.

Designed for the free Plogue sforzando player, Electric V for sforzando requires no expensive player to function. It works perfectly in Pro Tools (AAX), Cubase, Logic and any other VST or AU compatible host.

Pay What You Want

To cover our modest hosting and development costs, Electric V LE is available as a “Pay What You Want” model.

Any Electric V LE payment of $10 or more can be credited towards partial payment of the full Electric V library that contains twice the velocities, higher bit and sample rates and more presets. To redeem your credit, simply email support with your request.

Our suggested price is $5, but you are free to enter any value from $1, $5 and anything on up to $20. Electric V LE is an exceptional value at any of these price points!

Minimum Price: $1.00

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Instrument Features

  • Sampled 1980’s mechanical tine electric piano
  • 16 bit 44.1k resolution samples converted from 24 bit 96k sampling session
  • 12 trigger velocities per note
  • 8 True release samples per note
  • Includes Vibrato, Tremolo, Chorus, AutoPan, and AutoWah.
  • Comprehensive Effects Section with Reverb, Chorus, Amp Modeling, Delay and more

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Concert Piano

Tortured Piano

Recording Piano

Electric Piano

Lounge Piano

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