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Electric V for sforzando is a virtual electric piano sampled from an iconic tine electric piano introduced in 1984 in its fifth revision. Pure and simple was the goal. We sampled the instrument straight out of the output at 24 bit 96k for a clean sound that translates well in a mix or on stage.

Sampled with a combination of 16 machine precision samples and an additional 11 top layer hand samples for up to 27 samples per note, this library aims to capture this one instrument at this one moment in time with all of its imperfections and nuances that modelled electric pianos have difficulty recreating.

Designed for the free Plogue sforzando player, Electric V for sforzando requires no expensive player to function. It works perfectly in Pro Tools (AAX), Cubase, Logic and any other VST or AU compatible host.

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Instrument Features

  • Deep sampled 1980’s mechanical tine electric piano
  • 24 bit 96k high resolution samples
  • Up to 27 trigger velocities per note
  • 16 True release samples per note
  • Selectable personalities: different sample layouts to suit playing styles and authentic needs
  • Includes Vibrato, Tremolo, Chorus, AutoPan, and AutoWah
  • Comprehensive Effects Section with Reverb, Chorus, Amp Modeling, Delay and more.

Note from the Developer:

Electric pianos are a thing of beauty! Their mechanical nature means that every one is slightly different. On the source instrument, not every note barked when it was struck hard, but that is the nature of preserving instruments through sampling. I’m sure you are going to love this sampled electric piano. Playability while being faithful to the original was the priority. Electric V embodies the spirit of this classic and much sought after electric piano model. This project has been a labour of love that has spanned a few years of off and on development. It is a departure from Production Voices’ massive piano sampling projects, but was a much needed creative project to break up the piano editing and programming that we are accustom to doing. I can’t wait to hear what you can do with Electric V! It’s got soul!

Jason Chapman
Lead Designer
Production Voices

System Requirements

Requires 64 bit version of Plogue sforzando available HERE for free.
Mac OSX 10.7 or greater or PC with a 64 bit version of Windows
2 GB of free hard drive space. 8 GB RAM. Fast 7200 RPM hard drive or a solid state drive.

Solid State Drive or 7200rpm Hard Drive recommended for best performance.

Audio Demos



Electric V Manual PDF

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