The Halfling for sforzando

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The Halfling for sforzando is a fantasy world inspired sample library that starts with a Hobbit-sized upright piano and extents into a soundscape instrument that includes the spellbound sounds of a Hobbit or Halfling. The upright piano alone is worth the price of admission into this incredible sample library, but the piano samples are just the beginning! Inspired by Production Voices own Death Piano, The Halfling is tortured, demented and beautifully flawed in a similar vein, but this time with a new sample set that includes throat singing samples, Wurlitzer 200A lid off, thumb piano, lo fi choir samples, wine glasses, bowls, church organ, electric pianos and so much more. All samples are new content recorded for this library. The samples are used as building blocks to create piano and soundscape oddities that are sure to please. The Halfling is also available in Native Instruments Kontakt format HERE.

The Halfling for sforzando is a fantasy inspired virtual instrument that combines both hifi and lofi samples to create otherworldly sounds suitable for game composers, film composers, producers, pianists and musicians.  


2 stereo microphone perspective upright piano; Pipe Organ samples set: Full rank and Flute rank; Thumb Piano; Glass: wine glasses, bowls; Male Throat Singer: Ahhs, Eee, Hmm, Vowel Morphs, Drones; Choir: lofi samples male and female; MKS 20 EP samples; Wurlitzer 200A lid off samples (non-amplified); Jewellery Box samples; Toy Piano; Many more oddities…

The library is 10 GB in size before lossless compression and comes with about 100 snapshots/presets.

Requires 64 bit version of Plogue sforzando available HERE for free.
Mac OSX 10.7 or greater or PC with a 64 bit version of Windows
3 GB of free hard drive space. 8 GB RAM. Fast 7200 RPM hard drive or a solid state drive.

Solid State Drive recommended for best performance.

Fast internet connection to download the files.


Dozens of presets inspired from a hobbit-sized piano to throat singing and more!


Morph and Manipulate your Spell Sounds

  • Up to three layers/spells can be combined
  • Low Pass Filters and High Pass Filters
  • Envelopes for Amp, Pitch, LPF & HPF
  • LFO sections for Amp, Pitch, LPF & HPF
  • Effects: Spin, Delay, Bit Crusher, Distortion & more!





This apartment-sized piano was hand sampled with pedal up, pedal down, key releases and round robin sustain pedal noises for a unique playing experience. Quality microphones and preamps were used to capture the samples at 24 bit 44.1k .

Where other piano sample libraries reach for the biggest concert grand pianos available in the largest studios or concert venues, The Halfling does the opposite. It gives you the intimate sound of a practice piano in a living room setting.

Character abounds in The Halfling upright piano!


The Halfling wouldn’t be the hobbit inspired instrument it is without the multi-sampled dynamic Throat Singer. There are vocal drones, Ahhs, Eees, hums and vowels sweeps. All these have several variations controlled by key velocity similar to round round.

The throat singing sounds range from EVIL to intimate to other-worldly! The vocalist who performed for the samples had great control and a fairly wide range for this difficult and unusual singing style.

Expect to hear grunts, goblins and lower Dr. Claw-like sustained vocal samples that range from scary to inviting.


The Halfling contains a Full Pipe Organ setting and a wooden flute rank sample set from an upcoming organ sample library. Just the omni room microphones are used in The Halfling from the 56 rank 3000+ pipe future sampled pipe organ library. The organ is a classic French-Canadian made Casavant Fréres 1908 rebuilt by Guilbault-Thérien Inc. in 1996. The organ sounds in The Halfling are used for sound design and texture as opposed to authenticity. 


Both the sforzando and Kontakt versions of The Halfling use the same sample set. The only major differences are that sforzando version has 2 instead of 4 piano microphone perspectives and that the samples are 16 bit instead of 24 to save space.

If you own Kontakt, the Kontakt version of The Halfling is for you. If you do not own the full version of Kontakt, the sforzando version is for you.


NO KONTAKT NEEDED! Sforzando with its fast loading, efficient engine and great sound is the ideal choice for hosting The Halfling for sforzando. There is no need for Kontakt or other software samplers. The library is designed to take advantage of sforzando’s scripting language and features including the built in effects. Both The Halfling for sforzando and sforzando are easy to use and do their job with very little hit on your cpu. The Halfling is also available for Native Instruments Kontakt HERE.

The Halfling for sforzando

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $44.00.

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