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At Production Voices, we go to great lengths to create authentic, efficient virtual piano instruments at exceptional prices to provide users with the ultimate control over the piano samples they use with Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5, Kontakt 6, Kontakt 7, Kontakt Player or Plogue sforzando.

At the heart of our sample libraries are multi-microphone samples that give composers, performers and producers ultimate control over their piano samples, as if they had recorded them in a studio themselves. We purposely do not over-process our sample libraries. What you will hear is the sound of the instrument as it was picked up by the microphone.

Our piano sample libraries either have multi-outputs that show up in your digital audio workstation or microphone control, from within the virtual instrument itself. One of our piano libraries – the Studio Grand Piano LE, for example, has four stereo microphone pairs to choose from. Without even adjusting the volume of each of these microphone pairs, the user has 24 different variations that are controllable in real time for the sound of the virtual piano by simply activating combinations of microphone pairs either on or off.

Note from the Developer:

As a producer, I need unique signature sounds/sampled pianos for my productions that work the same way audio tracks do and that are intuitive to use.

All of Production Voices’ Professional Sample Libraries come from my production work. Each time I record drums, I take samples so that if I need to replace a hit or two or rebuild an entire section of a production, I can match up the sound perfectly. What you are getting are instrument samples from productions for productions.

Most sample libraries are overproduced and have a sound that is instantly pleasing. This sells lots of product from store demos, but it lacks authenticity in a mix. Our sample libraries are designed to be used the way a producer would treat raw audio. Once you work with Production Voices’ samples, you will feel like you put up the mics on the piano yourself and they sure fit well and feel right in a mix!

Our piano sample libraries sound authentic! We kept the instrument noises and characteristics in, just like in an audio track. Production Voices’ samples libraries work best when the user thinks as a producer or performer and mix accordingly.

Jason A. Chapman
Production Voices Head of Sample Development

Jason Chapman

Production Voices’ Lead Sample Developer Jason Chapman


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