Professional multi-microphone piano sample libraries for Producers, Songwriters, Composers and Performers.

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One of Canada's hottest rising bands, Half Moon Run, used Production Grand extensively on their latest single, She Wants To Know.

Half Moon Run - She Wants to Know (Official Video) from Half Moon Run.

Producer Nigel Asselin used Production Grand for all the piano sounds on the Half Moon Run debut album!

Production Grand Piano 430 GB

Production Grand available now on USB 3.0 hard drive and courtesy download!

24 Bit 96 kHz, 430 GB, Ships on its own hard drive
MSRP $329

  • The samples are among the cleanest piano samples I have ever heard and certainly the best I've ever used. The ability to change instantly the feel of the room and mic positions is like a dream. I have just been sitting here with my headphones on feeling like I am sitting at a grand piano. The response feels natural - especially on the low end notes. They sound "live", not electronic. I'm sure there a lot of technical terms for the emotions I am feeling but wow, congratulations on creating an amazing product! Excited to keep playing with it and see what I can create sonically.
  • You made a amazing product. It beats ivory in my choice of piano. Great characteristic and clear highend overtone. I really like the vintage patch. It sounds fantastic.
  •   I am so impressed by the sound of the 24-bit version of Production Grand. All in all, a fantastic product! I knew how good Production Grand was just from the 16-bit download but of course the 24-bit is yet another level of realism.
  • Production Grand is a refreshing, instantly playable (and enjoyable!) piano. I’m thrilled at how well it compliments my electronic-orchestral sound pallete.

Dial in your piano sound with multi-microphone control and experience the difference multiple microphone piano samples make on your productions and performances.

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