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Production Grand Review just completed a review of Production Grand! Check it out here:

Meet the Designers: Adam Hanley

Meet the Designers: Adam Hanley

Adam Hanley – Script Programmer: Estate Grand, Production Grand Adam, a native of Belfast, studied Sound Technology in Liverpool before working for Native Instruments for about 2 and a half years. His work with Native Instruments included: – Scripting the … Continue reading

Production Grand Multi Output in a DAW

Production Grand has the ability to send each of the individual microphone perspectives to individual tracks within a DAW such as Cubase, Logic Pro or Pro Tools. This takes a little initial work to get set up, but will allow … Continue reading

Production Grand Pre-Attack Explained

Production Grand Pre-Attack Explained

Pre-Attack is the mechanical noise that a piano makes before the hammer strikes a string. Not all midi controllers (if any) can properly playback pre-attack because on a midi controller the pre-attack sample is triggered at the bottom of a … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Joris Holtackers

If you have listened to the demos for Production Grand, you have probably heard the work of Joris Holtackers. The Chopin, Plenty Four Seven and Latin-Impression are all his demo contributions. Joris is a a multi-talented musician, composer, pianist, audio engineer and more who resides in Holland. … Continue reading

Free Piano Samples for Charity Work

Can’t afford our piano samples? No problem! Get a Production Voices’ piano sample library  for Kontakt for FREE by volunteering your time to charity! Two products qualify for the program: 1. Studio Grand Piano LE – 4 microphone control that sounds … Continue reading

Production Grand Hard Drive

While Production Grand has been shipping since the middle of December, we thought you may want to see what the hard drive looks like.

What is the perfect piano sample?

Answer #1: The Perfect Piano Practical Answer The one that works for your situation: fits your song/production, inspires you to create, sounds great live, is in the format you need (Logic EXS, Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or stand alone) etc. … Continue reading

What does a piano actually sound like?

Complex, noisy and plenty of midrange harmonics. Complex… A piano can have upwards of 250 strings (compare that to a guitar that only has six). Every piano has a different frame for the strings that may cross strings, to save … Continue reading

Tip #1: Get to know your sample library

#1. Get to know your sample library. Having thousands of sounds and not knowing how any of them sound or work is not very useful or productive. It may take some time for you to become familiar with how your … Continue reading

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