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Production Grand has the ability to send each of the individual microphone perspectives to individual tracks within a DAW such as Cubase, Logic Pro or Pro Tools. This takes a little initial work to get set up, but will allow the user to process any of the 8 microphone perspectives from the piano sample library with EQ, reverb, compression etc. This essentially turns Production Grand a virtual piano recording!

 Part 1: Demo of Multi-output to individual audio tracks:


 Part 2: How to create multi outputs for Production Grand in a DAW:


Pre-Attack is the mechanical noise that a piano makes before the hammer strikes a string. Not all midi controllers (if any) can properly playback pre-attack because on a midi controller the pre-attack sample is triggered at the bottom of a key press instead of at the onset of a key strike like on a real piano. This video explains more:

Production Grand includes Pre-Attack to give the user an authentic piano experience. Pre-Attack is not without its issues. The main issue is that the pre-attack sample length differs by velocity and by position on the keyboard (higher or lower). A low velocity note would naturally have a longer pre-attack time as it takes longer to play the key. This makes playing with pre-attack enabled rather challenging from a latency stand point.