Can’t afford our piano samples? No problem!

Get a Production Voices’ piano sample library  for Kontakt for FREE by volunteering your time to charity!

Two products qualify for the program:

1. Studio Grand Piano LE – 4 microphone control that sounds great while taking up very little space and computer resources!

2. Estate Grand Piano LE – Detailed piano sample library with pedal up and down samples and 2 microphone perspectives.


The rules are simple:

1. Volunteer anywhere for 4 hours or more for the Studio Grand Piano LE or 6 hours or more for the Estate Grand Piano LE.

2. Contact us using our online CONTACT US page.

3. Give us verification of your completion: photo plus an email or letter of confirmation from someone of authority at the place volunteered at.

4. Once we receive all your information we will send you the download codes for your FREE piano samples.

5. We ask that you send us a picture of yourself using the piano samples or send us an mp3 of something you have created with our piano library.

Alternatively, any first-time blood donor may have Studio Grand Piano LE for free. Just send us confirmation of your donation (photo in the chair etc.).

Users of the Production Voices Pianos for Volunteering Program agree to allow Production Voices to post your photos, email confirmations and mp3s on our website.

Must be new charity work, not previous work.


Soundscape Instrument

Concert Piano

Tortured Piano

Recording Piano

Electric Piano

Lounge Piano