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Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist Production Voices is a music software developer located in London ON Canada that specializes in software instruments and sample libraries for composers, sound designers, music producers and musicians. Our software products...
Concert Grand Update June 2018

Concert Grand Update June 2018

Concert Grand Update Concert Grand, our Steinway D sample library, is nearing completion. It has been an epic journey to get this project even into the Concert Grand Compact for sforzando format, but we are nearing the release of the Kontakt version! I’ll have more...
Birth of Death Piano

Birth of Death Piano

I love making sampled instruments. It’s an obsession. It’s like creating a masterpiece. Everything has to be just right and have its place. I do consider myself an artist and my canvas is sampled pianos. But sometimes artists need a different challenge or...

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Now students and faculty can receive educational pricing on all of Production Voices’ piano sample libraries including piano samples for Kontakt and the free sforzando player. Most piano sample libraries are up to 50% off. This is a major savings for students...

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