Joris Holtackers Production Grand Demo

If you have listened to the demos for Production Grand, you have probably heard the work of Joris Holtackers. The ChopinPlenty Four Seven and Latin-Impression are all his demo contributions.

Joris is a a multi-talented musician, composer, pianist, audio engineer and more who resides in Holland. He is fluent in music technology and the use of software instruments and sample libraries as demonstrated in his numerous Indaba Music competition wins.

The demos for Production Grand listed above were all created with the 16 bit Modern Silver edition of the piano sample library for Kontakt that is included as a courtesy download for users. We can’t wait to hear what Joris can do with the full version of Production Grand and the additional vintage/character  microphone perspectives!

You can check out more about Joris and his work at his website:

Soundscape Instrument

Concert Piano

Tortured Piano

Recording Piano

Electric Piano

Lounge Piano