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Finally! An affordable Multi-Microphone Piano Sample Library that doesn’t require an expensive sample player. You’ll love how fast it loads and how great it sounds for the size. Want to practice, sketch out a song idea, perform live piano or make a recording? Studio Grand Piano LE for Sforzando is the perfect companion. It runs off of laptops and new and older computers without any fuss. It’s very affordable and too good of a value to pass up. Studio Grand Piano LE users are performers, songwriters, music producers, piano instructors and more. It doesn’t have a fancy interface, but hey at this price, who cares! It’s all about the sound anyways and Studio Grand Piano LE excels where it counts… in the sound. It’s a pleasure to play and easy to get the perfect sound with the four different microphone perspectives.

Quite possibly the most efficient multi-microphone piano sample available!

Extremely efficient Professional Multi-Output Piano Sample Library designed for producers and performers.

The Studio Grand Piano LE has four microphone pairs to choose from.  Without even adjusting the volume of each of these microphone pairs, the user has 24 different variations for the sound of the piano that are controllable in real time by simply activating combinations of microphone pairs either on or off all without loading or unloading samples and without bogging down your computer. The microphone pairs also have volume controls to blend the perfect piano sound.

This product is also available for Kontakt and as part of the Grand Piano LE Bundle.

The Studio Grand Piano LE is sampled from a Yamaha C3.

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Four stereo microphone pairs:

Hammer Microphones – Inside the piano for a bright attack. This is what you typically hear in other piano samples (such as workstation keyboards and other sample libraries), but, of course, without the other microphone pairs to add life and warmth to the sound that the Studio Grand Piano LE has.

Mid-Side – Located just outside the piano. These samples give a different perspective and warmth. You can use the mid-side sound on its own or combine it with other microphone pairs to give breadth to the sound.

Spaced Pair – Just outside the piano by the lid for a more balanced sound and stereo image. The spaced pair are fairly neutral sounding, but give the user a good sense of the true tone of the piano.

Room Microphones – Captures the live ambience of the studio the piano was sampled in. No need to add artificial reverb to get that “studio” sound. These microphones add dimension, personality and realism to the studio piano sound.


  • Four phase-aligned microphone pairs for complete control over the piano sound!
  • 1.8 GB of source WAV samples delivered in lossless FLAC
  • 24 bit 44.1kHz samples
  • 7 round robin sustain pedal mechanical noises resulting in an authentic damper pedal sound.

System Requirements:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 2 GB of Free hard drive space
  • 64 bit operating system (Any Mac with 10.6.8 and above, 64 bit windows)
  • A computer that meets the minimum Plogue Sforzando requirements
  • Plogue Sforzando FREE sample player- available for free here:

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