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Future Product: Apartment-size Upright Piano with 4 stereo microphone perspectives

We are currently editing what currently is 26 GB of piano samples of a smaller upright piano. It has a unique sound that is sure to find a place in any composer, performer or producer’s sample library. Expected release: Summer 2014. More info to come.

UPDATE: December 23rd, 2012      All Production Grand Pre-Orders shipped

We are very pleased to have sent out all of our ore-orders for Production Grand. Please send us your demos and we’ll add them to the site!

UPDATE: November 14th, 2012    Production Voices’ Production Grand

We are part of the way through beta testing and we are getting some great comments such as:

Hi Jason

You made a amazing product. It beats ivory in my choice of piano. Great characteristic and clear highend overtone. I really like the vintage patch. It sounds fantastic.

Thanks to our Beta Testers!

UPDATE: October 2nd, 2012    Production Voices’ Production Grand

We finished the graphic design for the instrument and now are busy getting the instrument programs working perfectly. Sound clips coming soon!

Production Grand Vintage/Clean Edition

UPDATE: September 12th, 2012      Production Voices’ C7 Mega Piano 

We have completed all the audio editing for this giant project! We are currently working out the programming and getting the instrument GUI setup. We are hoping for a November release! The project is about 436 GB with three different sample rates: 24 BIT 96 kHz, 24 BIT 44.1 kHz and 16 BIT 44.1 kHz. Users will have 8 different microphone perspectives to select from. The initial instruments sound stunning!

PG Modern page 2

UPDATE: March 4th, 2012                 Production Voices’ Yamaha C7

We just finished sampling what may just be one of the largest piano sample libraries at 570+ GB for the recording session! The sample library will be available as a Kontakt piano library. Likely, Production Voices will have to deliver this on hard drive.

Have you ever wanted to dial in the perfect studio piano sound? This library will give you the ability to achieve the perfect studio grand piano sound. The microphones allow for piano styles in pop, jazz, classical, modern and anything in between.

56320+ Samples!

570+ GB sampling session

We didn’t hold anything back when sampling this beautiful instrument! The piano is less than five years old and has been professionally maintained by a Yamaha technician.


Production Grand Features:

12 velocities pedal up samples

12 velocities pedal down samples

12 velocities of release samples

Best possible microphones: Coles, AKG 414 ULS, classic U87s, B&K, Crown SASS-P MKII

Best possible A/D converters: Burl Mothership

Best possible microphone preamps: API and Neve

Microphone Perspectives:

1. Player’s Perspective: Player’s perspective that is near binaural. When you put on your headphones with this perspective, it will sound like you are there playing the piano! The player’s perspective was recorded with a Crown SASS-P MKII.

2. Hammer Microphones: I’m a big fan of hammer microphones. With the hammers recorded you will get plenty of attack and a more aggressive sound.

3. & 4. Inside Microphones: This is the sound most people associate with piano recordings. We decided on two sets of inside piano microphones: vintage Neumann U87s (they say West Germany on them!) and the modern Rode NT2As. This gives the player the ability to get that classic piano sound or the modern wider-range sound or both!

5. Outside Microphones: Just outside the piano we used really expensive Neumann M149 modern tube microphones. The engineer called these the “Golden Sound” microphones. This microphone pair has a classy sound and a more balanced tone than the inside and hammer microphones.

6. & 7. Room Microphones: In an attempt to give you modern and classic choices, we used Coles ribbon microphones and AKG C414s on the rooms. The ribbons sound like… ribbons… smooth and velvety! Ribbons take EQ well; another reason to include them. The AKGs sound true to the piano’s tone in the room.

8. Under Piano Microphone: Underneath the middle of the piano we used a PZM (pressure zone) microphone to give a clear centre image to the sound.


  • Room Microphones: Coles Ribbon, AKG 414
  • Hammer Mics: B&K
  • Inside Mics: vintage NeumannU87, modern Rode NT2A
  • Outside Piano: Neumann M149
  • Piano Bottom: PZM
  • Player’s Perspective: Crown SASS-P MKII for near binaural experience when played!


***Note: We used an elite studio with very expensive equipment to get such an amazing sound! We didn’t hold back! ***


Piano Mics

Production Grand Sampling Session


Studio setup

Production Voices' Production Grand sampling session

At Production Voices, we are constantly developing new sample libraries.

Hammond CV

Hammond CV:

  • Every single drawbar sampled individually
  • Phase-aligned multi-microphone Leslie speaker samples with full user control
  • Real Leslie speaker phase-aligned samples give realism and warmth

Demo of the Production Grand:

Soundscape Instrument

Concert Piano

Tortured Piano

Recording Piano

Electric Piano

Lounge Piano

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