Tortured, Demented & Beautifully Flawed


Death Piano is a alternative take on Piano Sample Libraries that celebrates the obscure. Full of reverse samples, lo-fi gritty goodness, synthesis shaped tones, morphed massacred sounds and more. Designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 5 (not Kontakt Player), Death Piano is an inspiring collection of piano oddities that is sure to inspire film composers, pianists, songwriters, producers and more.


  • Steinway D Concert Grand Piano samples recorded in concert hall
  • Plucked Upright Piano sample set.
  • Parlour Piano sample set
  • Over 128 presets and growing – Presets are easily updatable
  • Reverse piano samples with timing variations for different tempos.
  • Custom Reverb Impulse Responses
  • Synthesis engine includes complete complement of Filter, Envelope and LFO modulations.


Choose from reverse samples, plucked strings to morphed piano tones, Death Piano has all your haunted and creepy piano sounds covered.


All the sound design controls and effects are available on the settings page.


  • LFO sections for pitch, filter and amplitude
  • Envelope ADSR control for pitch, filter and amplitude
  • Three layer design
  • Selection of different sample sets

Soundscape Instrument

Concert Piano

Tortured Piano

Recording Piano

Electric Piano

Lounge Piano

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